Aflevering 73, Safari heroe Colin Bell

40 years of Nature Conservation Travel

When having a dream and start living the dream in the African bush.

Colin Bell, a real bush warrior who spent almost all is life in safari tourism and nature conservation based tourism. He is one of those pioneers in the safari industry who had a dream 40 years ago and started building his dream. Colin co-founded Natural Selections in 2016. This portfolio of 22 'safari camps of character' are operating in Botswana and Namibia.

But Colin is also known being one of those godfathers who created back in 1983 Wilderness Safaris. A safari company who proved that sustainable safari tourism is the way to go to conserve our future nature and wildlife area's on the planet. 

We do talk about his gamechanging book and safari-bible, Africa’s Finest he wrote in 2013 with another legend David Bristow. So let's listen to mr safari himself and go through his safari life full of playing and having fun as he calls it. 

Colin is giving us an insight how they developed with the local villages the first community based safari camp in Namibia, called Damaraland camp. This became the blueprint of nowadays conservation based tourism. Enjoy listening to this new episode of MIJN AFRIKA | MIJN WILDLIFE. 


Volg in deze podcast safari-expert Frank Ranzijn. Je hoort de beste tips voor een goede safariplanning aangevuld met zijn persoonlijke safarigeheimen van Afrika. Bewust en duurzaam reizen gaat steeds vaker hand in hand met maximaal genieten tijdens 'life changing' safarireizen in de overweldigende Afrikaanse natuur. Laat je op informele wijze informeren en inspireren over de beste manier om een positieve impact achter te laten op de bestemming die je bezoekt. Na 25 jaar ervaring in persoonlijk reisadvies op safari Afrika neemt hij je mee in de wereld van exclusieve en duurzame natuur en  wildlife reizen. Thanks for listening to many more safari secrets.

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