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Flying a microlight above the Luangwa River

Flying a microlight above the Luangwa River, you feel like a bird in the African sky.

John Coppinger, founder of Remote Africa has done this over the years for hundreds of hours. Either by himself or with a guest behind him.

John is taking us through his almost 40 years of guiding in the north and south Luangwa. This is still one of Zambia's most important wildlife havens we can experience. Introduced by his father in the 1960's as a young boy he has never lost his passion for this part of raw nature since.

The Coppinger family have built a great portfolio of very authentic safari camps and bush camps over the years. As a guest you will get a true insight of what their philosophy is operating safari camps in such remote area's.

Listen to the story how many Elephants were roaming freely in the sixties and how much Ellies there are now. Luckily the numbers are on the rise again since the last 10 - 20 years. 

The new succes story of the future for North Luangwa is the restoration of the black Rhino population. A very critical endangered species with new hope for the future.

Have fun listening to this safari legend and the stories about the Luangwa Valley. 


Volg in deze podcast safari-expert Frank Ranzijn. Je hoort de beste tips voor een goede safariplanning aangevuld met zijn persoonlijke safarigeheimen van Afrika. Bewust en duurzaam reizen gaat steeds vaker hand in hand met maximaal genieten tijdens 'life changing' safarireizen in de overweldigende Afrikaanse natuur. Laat je op informele wijze informeren en inspireren over de beste manier om een positieve impact achter te laten op de bestemming die je bezoekt. Na 25 jaar ervaring in persoonlijk reisadvies op safari Afrika neemt hij je mee in de wereld van exclusieve en duurzame natuur en  wildlife reizen. Thanks for listening to many more safari secrets.

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